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Ford's Covid chaos
Doug Ford is committing social murder of working people in Ontario
Doug Ford’s incompetence is killing people. His latest order, once again, misses the mark widely. Virtually every medical professional and...more
Mi’kmaw fishers face fresh racist harassment from feds
Robert Syliboy is a Mi’kmaw crab fisher who was harvesting snow crabs for a community celebration. To do so is...more
Analysis | The fight against anti-Asian racism in the US
The Atlanta murders are part of a long history of anti-Asian racism built on imperialism and exploitation
One was a former elementary school teacher, another a former dancer. One was a single mom At least two were...more
Abolish! - Racist policing is no accident
The police are racist to the core.
The killing of Daunte Wright in a suburb of Minneapolis was not accidental. The police chief in Brooklyn Centre released...more
Conservative coalition: cracks and cranks
The right is having trouble with this whole unity thing
Canadians are used to thinking that the Conservative Party of Canada we see today is one of the founding parties...more
U of T contract education workers are ready to strike
90% of workers have voted to strike at University of Toronto
U of T contract education workers, members of CUPE 3902 Unit 1, are ready to strike after the administration has...more
Amazon workers in final push to win union
In the last days of the historic organizing drive by Amazon workers in Bessemer, Alabama, solidarity rolled in from across...more
MARXIST ECONOMICS: Why capitalism can’t solve the COVID crisis
MARXIST ECONOMICS: Why capitalism can’t solve the COVID crisis This session will look at Marx’s analysis of how capitalist economics...more
Judas and the Black Messiah directed by Shaka King: Review
Not the whole story, but a good corrective on mainstream narratives.
Shaka King’s new movie Judas and the Black Messiah comes at a critical political moment in the US. It’s a...more
Workers' actions forced safety measures at Canada Post
Rank and file workers have to protect themselves
After a postal worker who worked at the Gateway sorting plant in Mississauga died from Covid-19 that he contracted at...more


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