Bird flu: capitalism drives more deadly pandemics
Factory farm
Agribusiness is breeding the next pandemic
Recent headlines on the accelerating transmission of Avian flu from birds to mammals, including to humans, are rightly causing alarm...more
PSAC 610 strike shows strong results of union solidarity at Western
On Friday, April 11, Western’s campus and the city of London saw the beginning of an 18-day strike by the...more
Climate chaos fuelling Alberta wildfires
While regions closer to the equator have borne the brunt of the climate crisis, once again the devastation is being...more
Civil War provides no answers to the current political crisis
There have been a lot of superlatives for British director Alex Garland’s new movie Civil War. As the title tells...more
Growing labour support for Palestine encampments
On Monday May 6th, just days after the establishment of the Peoples Circle for Palestine encampment on King's College Circle...more
Workers are fed up with cost of living increases
It's right to strike!
After a short lull in strikes workers across the country have returned to the picket lines, fighting to make up...more

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