Ontario: big rat jumps DoFo ship ahead of election
First rule of political spin: if something is bad for your government/party, announce it late on a Friday afternoon. Breaking...more
Trade unions must mobilize to support abortion rights in the US
Women's right to chose is under attack. Only a mass movement can win abortion rights
Access to abortion in the United States is deteriorating as right wing forces opposed to the equality of women win...more
Fighting racism in construction from the bottom up
In January of 2021, published an article that featured Kimoy Francique, a woman of Afro-Caribbean descent who is an...more
Race, Empire and Settler-Colonialism in the writings of Marx and Engels
with Padraic Gibson, socialist activist with Solidarity (Australia) In the classical Marxist tradition, anti-racist and anti-colonial struggles are of central...more
Uprising in Kazakhstan
What is behind the protests in Kazakhstan?
In early January, mass protests erupted in Kazakhstan. Initially, the protests were the workers' reaction to more than doubling of...more
What to watch during a pandemic, omicron edition
Diversions for a covid winter
Here in Ontario movie theatres are again being shut down, along with gyms, restaurants, etc. As Ontario and the world...more

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