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Horror in Gaza
New reports show the death toll Gaza is much worse than the official count
The terrorist Israeli state is ramping up attacks on Palestinians as new reports show a much higher death toll than...more
Trump and the US empire's political violence
Trump stands for all the worst in capitalist society: racism, Islamophobia, misogyny, corruption, devotion to the police and military. He...more
Amazon workers speak out about their union drive
The first Amazon warehouse in Canada became a union in Laval, Quebec, in spring 2024. Socialist Worker spoke with a...more
Liquor Store workers strike back at Ford
Liquor and beer purchases should fund hospitals, not billionaires’ yachts
Workers are on picket lines across the province trying to stop Doug Ford’s plan to privatize Ontario’s public liquor stores,...more
Poilievre rises because labour and NDP refuse to fight Trudeau
The recent by-election loss in what has for 30 years been a safe Liberal seat has exposed how deep the...more
Westjet decision exposes the sham of Liberal “anti-scab” legislation
The recent experience of the hundreds of airline mechanics at Westjet exposes the sham of the recent “anti-scab” legislation passed...more
Hey Siri, Are you messing around with the balance of power?
On May 14th, the Biden administration announced massive increases in tariffs on hi-tech imports from China, ranging from electric vehicles,...more
CUPE Ontario convention 2024 – continuing the struggle
Approximately 1200 delegates recently attended the CUPE Ontario Division convention that took place in Toronto from May 28 to June...more
Tax rich polluters for a just transition
In 2015 when Trudeau came to power there was a sense of relief for many that the Harper era was...more
Election in India: Modi loses majority
The BJP landslide didn't happen this time
On June 4th, people in India were glued to their seats as election results were being announced for the 2024...more


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