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Canada, Palestine and Imperialism

Canada is an imperial nation with a history of brutal colonization and genocide
Even before capitalism in Canada, the seeds of imperial power were laid with the colonial occupation of Turtle Island and...more
Mulroney’s legacy: austerity, privatization and graft
Reaction to Lyin’ Brian dyin’ has been mixed and confusing. A Globe and Mail editorial dubbed him “Canada’s last great...more
Measles: right-wing extremism and the return of epidemics
In 2022, 2.9 million Canadians visited Florida, many of them during the Spring Break school holiday. Numbers for 2023 aren’t...more
Poor Things - Steam-punk Frankenstein feminism
Poor Things is a quirky and distinctly feminist fable
Greek director Yorgos Lanthimos is not afraid of the weird or quirky as his previous films attest: the absurdist black...more
Israelism – A much-needed look at the collective trauma at the heart of Jewish America
When I walked into the sold-out screening of Israelism at the Rio Theatre in so called Vancouver, feelings of shared...more
Alberta - crisis of fire and drought
There’s a new “season” in town, in Canada and elsewhere around our rapidly heating world: now it is spring, summer,...more
Health care workers unite to fight Ford
Unions are the key to stopping Doug Ford's destruction of public healthcare
In a strong show of unity, three major healthcare unions – OCHU/CUPE, SEIU Healthcare and Unifor – filled the street...more
Saskatchewan Teachers take job actions to save public education
Teachers are fighting Scott Moe's cuts and his bigotry
The Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation (STF) has been seeking long term solutions to the cuts to education for at least the...more
Canada, Palestine and Imperialism
Watch the video from our recent forum, Canada, Palestine and Imperialism – with Rohit Revi. Rohit Revi is a labour...more
Trans rights under attack in Alberta
Urgent actions are required to defend trans youth
Alberta premier Danielle Smith has announced new policies for the province around trans youth and their ability to consent for...more


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