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Bird flu: capitalism drives more deadly pandemics
Factory farm
Agribusiness is breeding the next pandemic
Recent headlines on the accelerating transmission of Avian flu from birds to mammals, including to humans, are rightly causing alarm...more)
PSAC 610 strike shows strong results of union solidarity at Western
On Friday, April 11, Western’s campus and the city of London saw the beginning of an 18-day strike by the...more)
Climate chaos fuelling Alberta wildfires
While regions closer to the equator have borne the brunt of the climate crisis, once again the devastation is being...more)
Civil War provides no answers to the current political crisis
There have been a lot of superlatives for British director Alex Garland’s new movie Civil War. As the title tells...more)
Growing labour support for Palestine encampments
On Monday May 6th, just days after the establishment of the Peoples Circle for Palestine encampment on King's College Circle...more)
Workers are fed up with cost of living increases
It's right to strike!
After a short lull in strikes workers across the country have returned to the picket lines, fighting to make up...more)
“Arab, Jewish, Black and White, Workers of the World Unite!”
Unions must come onto the streets against genocide
Campuses across the US, and now in Canada, have experienced an eruption of student protests decrying Israel’s war on the...more)
UBC students show the way: Escalate!
Free Palestine!
UBC students join the encampment movement with the People's University for Gaza
When I visited the Palestine solidarity encampment at UBC I was immediately struck by how calm, peaceful, and well organized...more)
McGill academic workers rise up
“Even the sun’s on strike today.” That’s what a McGill teaching assistant’s picket sign read on April 8, the day...more)
Marx, Engels and the rise of the working class
Capitalism is founded on land theft, slavery and exploitation. But a new force – the working class – has the...more)
Ellen Gabriel honoured for her film in Montreal
Ellen Gabriel, documentarian, artist, human and environmental rights activist, Kanien’keháka from Kanehsatà:ke, recently won the Grand Prix, awarded each year...more)
McGill law faculty threaten unlimited strike
Profs could walk out April 24
McGill University was founded in 1821, and never has there been a strike of professors – until now. The University...more)
Quebec nurses reject deal – la lutte continue
FIQ members at protest
61% vote no to tentative agreement
The last year has been tumultuous in the Quebec public sector labour movement. After years of crisis that began even...more)
Save public healthcare: Mass rally, May 30
Last spring saw an incredible mobilization by the Ontario Health Coalition, a network of local health coalitions in cities and...more)
AGO strike: "Shiny Building, Shabby Wages"
Huge bonuses for AGO execs while workers can't make ends meet
On March 26th, 400 workers at the Art Gallery of Ontario walked out after rejecting management's latest offer which failed...more)
Red Alert: New report confirms planetary heating is accelerating
A new World Meteorological Organization (WMO) report shows that planetary heating is accelerating.
The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) has declared a red alert. Their recent State of the Global Climate 2023 report confirmed...more)
Revolutionary to the end: John Arthur Bell, 1955-2024
With heavy hearts we share the news that John Bell, a life-long revolutionary and tireless contributor to Socialist Worker ,...more)
Canadian mining: Trampling human rights at home and abroad
Canadian corporations have been dubbed the "Ugly Canadians"
The recent, openly brutal record of the Canadian government regarding international human rights abuses has left many shocked and scratching...more)
LCBO workers fight Ford’s privatization
Ford can be beaten!
On March 12, Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) workers, members of Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU) held a...more)
Canada, Palestine and Imperialism

Canada is an imperial nation with a history of brutal colonization and genocide
Even before capitalism in Canada, the seeds of imperial power were laid with the colonial occupation of Turtle Island and...more)
Mulroney’s legacy: austerity, privatization and graft
Reaction to Lyin’ Brian dyin’ has been mixed and confusing. A Globe and Mail editorial dubbed him “Canada’s last great...more)
Measles: right-wing extremism and the return of epidemics
In 2022, 2.9 million Canadians visited Florida, many of them during the Spring Break school holiday. Numbers for 2023 aren’t...more)
Poor Things - Steam-punk Frankenstein feminism
Poor Things is a quirky and distinctly feminist fable
Greek director Yorgos Lanthimos is not afraid of the weird or quirky as his previous films attest: the absurdist black...more)
Israelism – A much-needed look at the collective trauma at the heart of Jewish America
When I walked into the sold-out screening of Israelism at the Rio Theatre in so called Vancouver, feelings of shared...more)
Alberta - crisis of fire and drought
There’s a new “season” in town, in Canada and elsewhere around our rapidly heating world: now it is spring, summer,...more)


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