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Viral racism: Being Black is not a pre-existing condition
In 1932 the US Public Health Service began a study of syphilis. They chose a group of 600 Black men,...more)
From the front lines - Niagara sanitation worker speaks out
Kyle Hoskin is a sanitation worker in the Niagara region, and activist with CUPE 1287.
Kyle Hoskin is a sanitation worker in the Niagara region, and activist with CUPE 1287. He spoke to Socialist Worker...more)
Liberal cuts made this crisis worse
It was the liberal party that gutted healthcare and employment insurance
As the COVID-19 crisis has unfolded, Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has enjoyed a bump in the polls. Two-thirds of...more)
Ford's LTC emergency measures: fixing the bosses mess
The Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care (MoHLTC) has issued 14 day ‘emergency orders’ to employers in Long...more)
Alberta attacks public service
Jason Kenney’s UCP government is using the Covid-19 emergency to destroy public services in Alberta. While people are distracted by...more)
What to watch during a pandemic
Stuck inside? Here are some movies to help pass the time.
The sheer amount of information (and mis-information, if you are listening to the orange monster) on Covid 19 can be...more)
International Socialist tendency statement on the coronavirus
1. The Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic is generally presented as a “natural disaster”, an “external shock” to the normal functioning of...more)
Suspend summer tuition!
Graduate Students ask for summer tuition relief across Ontario, will Universities listen?
In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, universities across Canada have announced an indefinite closure of their on-site services and have...more)
Bail out workers - not big business
As the crisis of capitalism in Canada intensifies under the Covid-19 pandemic, the mass of workers under capitalism are yet...more)
As of end of trading on Friday, March 27, Alberta’s tar sands bitumen was trading for less than $5 per...more)
Covid-19: capitalism has a (final) solution–drop dead
Let me introduce you to Scott McMillan, an attorney from Southern California. Maybe not a famous person, but Scott gets...more)
Hamilton Transit driver on coping with COVID-19 spoke with Blake McCall a HSR driver and activist in Amalgamated Transit Union local 107. spoke with Blake McCall a Hamilton Street Railway (HSR) driver and activist in Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) local 107...more)
Public transit - if it isn't safe for drivers, it isn't safe for passengers
Report by a Transit Driver in Niagara Falls, member of the Amalgamated Transit Union local 1582: Well this last week...more)
"The fastest way to stop the spread is to send people home," construction worker says
Construction workers are in danger
Failure to enforce regulations allows disease to spread
In this pandemic employers and the BC provincial government are prioritizing profits over people. The BC Building Trades Council has...more)
No evictions during coronavirus outbreak!
No Evictions!
Vancouver Tenants Union calls on province and city to halt evictions
The letter below has been sent by Vancouver Tenants Union, Downtown Eastside SRO Collaborative, and BC ACORN to the city...more)
Via Worker on why he stands with Wet’suwet’en
Socialist Worker spoke with Zach Wells, a Via rail worker based in Halifax about why he and other union members...more)
Covid-19: capitalism is sick
The threat of the Covid-19 coronavirus to public health reveals, on many levels, how sick the capitalist system is. Origins...more)
Reaping the whirlwind: Canadian ruling class author of its own misfortune
A debate is raging in our media: is Canada “broken”. Spoiler alert, it was never not broken. The Canadian ruling...more)
International Women’s Day, 1917: When Russian Women Shook the World
When thousands of women workers in Petrograd, Russia marked International Women’s Day of 1917 with a strike to demand bread,...more)
Jason Kenney’s war on workers
Looking at Jason Kenney’s Alberta is enough to give you whiplash. First he moves to privatize education. Then he strikes...more)
Canada abets war criminals
The Canadian government has informed the International Criminal Court in the Hague that it does not recognize any Palestinian state,...more)
A tale of two picket lines: Workers and just transition
How do we build a just transition for workers
Unifor Local 594 members at the Co-op refinery in Regina, Saskatchewan were locked out by their employer, Federated Cooperatives Limited...more)
Black History Month: Colonialism, Liberation and Class conflict in Africa
Colonial Africa Africa was colonized by the European powers in the nineteenth century by means of conquest and treaties. Colonial...more)
We all live in the same country now: that of capitalism - Parasite review
Oscar winner Parasite shows thirst for anti-capitalist arts
The biggest surprise of this year’s movie awards season came at the Oscars – the pinnacle of Hollywood success and...more)
The climate movement and the end of Teck
The organizing against climate chaos is winning
The Teck tar sands mega project is effectively dead . This is great news.

 The corporation acknowledges that it cannot...more)


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