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Three years since the historic ShutDownCanada movement - lessons for today
Three years on, historic Indigenous solidarity movement could spark broader struggle
The struggle of the Wet'suwet'en people against the settler colonial violence of so-called British Columbia and Canada has a long...more
Review: SWEAT by the Bicycle Opera Project
SWEAT Bicycle Opera Project Music by: Juliet Palmer, libretto by Anna Chatterton Director: Jennifer Nichols Opera is an art form...more
Doug Ford adds insult to injury on Indigenous rights
Ford government lawyers want Indigenous people to pay the historical costs of their own colonization.
Ford government lawyers want Indigenous people to pay the historical costs of their own colonization. If your jaw dropped reading...more
Hamilton – Steel Town or Steal Town
Senior management at the City of Hamilton could be a SCTV skit of idiots if their actions weren't causing devastating...more
Tour by German fascist exposes rot at heart of Tory Party
The far-right is building an international network and must be opposed
Christine Anderson is a notorious and vocal member of European Parliament. She is infamous for her extreme, hate-fuelled attacks on...more
Support Nurses fighting for fair pay
The Ontario Nurses Association (ONA) set up dozens of pickets at hospitals across the province on February 23 to call...more
Healthcare privatization: the feds are in on the con
Those who naively call on the federal government to put a stop to provincial healthcare privatization need to give their...more
Reg McQuaid: From missionary to socialist
Reginald McQuaid talked to Socialist Worker about his journey from Roman Catholic missionary to advocate for sugar workers to joining...more
Family Day fish story
Amidst a swirl of corruption scandals, growing popular outrage over healthcare privatization and willful environmental destruction in the Greenbelt, the...more
February 15, 2003: The day the world said no to war
What are the lessons of the anti-war movement for today?
The demonstrations on February 15, 2003 against the then impending war on Iraq remain one of the largest ever coordinated...more


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