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Healthcare privatization: the feds are in on the con
Those who naively call on the federal government to put a stop to provincial healthcare privatization need to give their...more
Reg McQuaid: From missionary to socialist
Reginald McQuaid talked to Socialist Worker about his journey from Roman Catholic missionary to advocate for sugar workers to joining...more
Family Day fish story
Amidst a swirl of corruption scandals, growing popular outrage over healthcare privatization and willful environmental destruction in the Greenbelt, the...more
February 15, 2003: The day the world said no to war
What are the lessons of the anti-war movement for today?
The demonstrations on February 15, 2003 against the then impending war on Iraq remain one of the largest ever coordinated...more
Revolutionizing instruments: The Impact of AI on Capital and Labour
As we move into the future of artificial intelligence (AI), the path ahead is illuminated by the beacon of unsupervised...more
Stop the hate! The far-right and trans rights
Recently, after a period in which many gains have been made, trans rights have become a target of the so-called...more
Solidarity call with the earthquake survivors and grassroots initiatives in Turkey and Syria
The heart-bleeding human suffering in Turkey and Syria cannot be explained solely by the massive scale of the two consecutive...more
Remember the Alamo: monument to white supremacy
Nothing rankles the right wing like challenging the official history glorifying colonialism and the superiority of Anglo/European culture. Such history...more
Israel ramps up attacks on Palestinians
New ultra-nationalist coalition is increasing repression and violence against Palestinians
The new Israeli government has increased attacks Palestinians over the last weeks. They killed 9 people in one attack on...more
Cops and property developers win big in Vancouver election
The municipal election in Vancouver this Saturday saw the new pro-business pro-cop party ABC crush all the other parties. Their...more


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