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More hot air from the Liberals on the climate
Trudeau's plan = weak targets and billions for the oil and gas industry
On March 29, the federal Liberals released a new climate plan which they claim will end subsidies to oil and...more
Inflation? It’s the oligarchs…
Corporate greed is driving up prices
Four corporations control meat packing and distribution in North America. They are Cargill Inc., JBS ULC, Tyson Food Inc. and...more
Amazon workers organize and win!
Workers victory is part of a new union wave in the US
The upsurge in labour activism that we have seen in both the United States and Canada is continuing with the...more
CP strike exposes Canada’s rail oligarchs and their Tory pals
Just after midnight on March 20, 2022 train conductors, workers and yard employees walked off the job across the country...more
Liberals plan to ramp up spending on war
We need to oppose Trudeau's planned spending spree
Canada and other NATO nations are using the Russian invasion as a pretext to raise arms spending by billions. NATO...more
Hamilton Wentworth District School Board defied Ford over masks
Hamilton Wentworth District School Board (HWDSB) voted on March 15 to continue to require students and staff to mask until...more
Essential healthcare workers at Lifelabs strike for a first contract
There was an excellent solidarity rally at LifeLabs head office in Toronto on March 24 for Lifelabs workers in their...more
Normalizing COVID death and destruction
At the 2-year anniversary of the pandemic emergency, we can step back and look at how government and corporate interests...more
NDP Liberal agreement means more climate chaos, corporate profiteering and militarization
The federal NDP has decided that they are not interested in contesting an election for at least 3 years and...more
Workers rally for an end to Bill 124
Repeal bill 124!
Close to 100 workers came out to a picket on March 17 at Dave Smith's constituency office (the Tory MPP...more


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