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Are too many people the problem?
Busting the myth of over-population
those who argue for the need to reduce population are unwilling or unable to consider the possibility of a different social organization, one that places harmony among people and between people and the environment.more
Our banks don't stank
Think Canada's banks weren't bailed out? Think again.
From tax cuts, to mortgages to bailouts, the "stability" of Canadian banks is built on taking billions of our dollars.more
The fight against the neoliberal agenda
Occupy resistance to Rob Ford
The fight against the Austerity regime of Rob Ford got a boost from the Occupy movement.more
Join the socialists
why you should join the socialists
Socialist organization crystallizes this historical and current experience - fighting on every front, building and linking movements, and connecting them to working-class power - into theory and organization. The bigger the organization, the more it can contribute to movements.more
NDP Leadership race: can it magnify the movements?
What do socialists say about the NDP leadership race?
For socialists believing that change happens outside Parliament, the leadership race of the NDP is still an important matter, but the criteria are different. The question is not one of personality, but of ability to open up space for mass movements.more
Tory threat to abortion rights
The battle for choice continues
As right-wing forces in the US and Canada try to use the economic crisis to attack a women's right to choose, the pro-choice movement must once again mobilize for abortion rights.more
More blood for oil in Uganda
US sends special forces to Uganda
In its competition with China over Africa's resources, the US has sent 100 special forces into Uganda--where a major oil reserve was discovered in 2006.more
"Be realistic, demand the impossible"
When France was occupied
Long before the Occupy Wall Street movement rattled the ruling class of America, students and workers in France occupied. May '68 showed the spark and creativity of student occupations, and the need to connect to workers.more
Occupy everything
Strategy and tactics of the Occupy movement
One of the most exciting things about the Occupy protests is the widespread discussion they have sparked, both within the movement itself and among the wider public, about creating resistance to the capitalist system and building alternatives to it. Some of the questions are new. Many others have come up in previous movements. That means today's movement will have both lessons to offer and lessons to learn.more
Durban Climate Change summit: The time for talk is over
The UN Conference on Climate Change
The upcoming UN Conference on Climate Change takes placed amidst increasing extreme weather disasters and a rising tide of mass revolt worldwide. It's either system change, or climate change.more


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