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CUPE 416 signs contract
Analysis of the contract
The contract is neither a victory nor a sign workers will not fight. It is important to recognize the difference in the state of labour/community solidarity between 2009 and now, but this is a process that must continue as the full-blown Austerity agenda is being unleashed on workers.more
Mass strike shakes Nigeria
The global revolt arrives in Nigeria
The mass strike and public protests that swept through Nigeria from January 9 to January 13 were the largest in the country's history.more
Show trial for WikiLeaks whistle-blower
inside the Bradley Manning trial
Bradley Manning, the accused Wikileaks whistleblower, spent his 24th birthday on trial. Patricia Malloy joined hundreds of supporters protesting outside his military show trial.more
Library workers defend services
Library workers defend jobs and services
The 2,400 members of CUPE local 4948, workers at the Toronto Public Library (TPL), have been prepping for job action...more
Student day of action
The students, united, will never be defeated
On February 1, students across the country took to the streets for a pan-Canadian day of action, organized by the...more
Topp and Mulcair: The Apparatus man and the ex-Liberal
Little choice for NDP leader
Mulcair and Topp are two more reasons why we need renewed attention to rebuilding a left rooted in the social movements.more
Solidarity grows for locked-out Quebec workers
So-so-so, solidarite
As mining giant Rio Tinto locks out 800 workers in Alma, Quebec over demands for massive concessions, there is growing solidarity across Canada and around the world.more
Iron Lady falls flat
Streep's performance is worth the price of admission, but you might want to wait for the video.
Presiding over the most significant attack the UK working class has ever seen, you'd expect a movie about Thatcher to reflect that imposing silhouette, especially when the acting talent of Meryl Streep is in the mix.more
Liberal warmonger is not the lesser evil
Why Ignatieff sucks
Derrick O'keefe's new book Michael Ignatieff: The lesser evil? sheds light on the ill-fated political life of the Liberal leader responsible for bringing Canada's longest ruling party of the elite to its knees.more
Socialist Feminism: Off the shelf
What are the origins of socialist feminism?
As a new generation of activists expresses the anger of the 99%, questions of feminism and socialism are often at the top of the agenda. Abbie Bakan traces the theoretical origins of socialist feminism.more


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