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BC Teachers defend education
BC teachers defend education
As we go to press, BC teachers were considering strike action and high school students were planning walk outs in opposition to the government's attack on education standards and union rights.more
Robocalls: their democracy and ours
Robogate is the tip of the iceberg
Election corruption reveals the bankruptcy of capitalist democracy, in the midst of capitalist bankruptcy.more
Stop the Cons!
Their crisis, our resistance
As the economic and ecologic crises deepen, the Cons are joining other governments in transferring billions to the 1%, their racist wars and the oil economy that fuels them.more
IWD: a history of victories and struggles
the history of IWD
Today, as we mark IWD in 2012, we celebrate the hard won victories of years past, and re-commit ourselves to the struggles that continue in the years ahead.more
IWD, Russia 1917
A better world was possible
The years of the Russian Revolution--winning gains for women that have never been replicated--showed what's possible and that the fate of women is inextricably linked to the fate of the working class.more
Occupy! Women during the 1937 Flint sit-down strike
They changed history, and themselves
The relevance of the history of the Flint strike to today couldn't be clearer. In a time of global economic crisis and Austerity, the example of real solidarity breaking down the barriers between men and women, black and white, immigrant and non-immigrant workers shows the way forward.more
Canada, Quebec: How women won abortion rights
How women won the right to choice
The fight for abortion rights is one of the most important victories of the women's movement in Canada and Quebec. Even though reproductive rights are still under attack, they represent the success of a decades-long struggle for a woman's right to control her own body.more
Canada, US: the fight continues for reproductive rights
The fight continues
While women in North America enjoy greater equality and social participation than some of our sisters globally, our rights - particularly our reproductive rights - are under constant threat.more
Egypt 2011: women at the heart of the struggle
The role of women in Egypt's ongoing revolution
From the strike wave that led to the revolution, the viral video on January 25, the street battles and strikes that push it forward and IWD demonstrations, women have been at the heart of the Egyptian revolution.more
IWD Toronto
IWD part of the battle for jobs and services
International Women's Day is being celebrated in Toronto this year on March 3. Women representing the diversity of the city from unions, community and student groups have been organizing for the past number of months.more


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