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Don't Attack Iran
Stop the next war
As the next war looms, Ottawa organized its first of many protests against Harper.more
Bahrain: Canada complicit in Saudi crackdown
Harper's -humanitarian intervention- in Bahrain
Canadian arms companies exported $4 billion worth of weaponry and ammunition to Saudi Arabia in the last year, including light armoured vehicles (LAVs) that human rights activists believe were used in the Saudi crackdown on Bahrain's democracy movement.more
Women's Oppression: Origin Stories
Engels in Review
A look at the context in which Friedrich Engels wrote his groundbreaking The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State.more
The Robocall rogues gallery
The Cons: a Review
The Robocall scandal is the tip of the iceberg of Harper scandals.more
Austerity in Greece: Bailout leaves workers in misery
bailing out the capitalists
The -bailout- of Greece is a brutal attack on the 99%, and will do nothing to fix the crisis of the 1%.more
Fight McGuinty's Austerity agenda
the 1% solution for Ontario's economic crisis
Dalton McGuinty has hired a member of the 1% to solve the crisis they created, resulting in budge proposals that attack the 99%.more
Quebec student strike shows the way to fight fees
inside the Quebec student movement
Quebec students are democratically building a growing strike movement against tuition fees, like their 2005 victory. People across English Canada should learn from them and show their support.more
Flood of solidarity with Rio Tinto workers
support resistance in Quebec
Since they were brutally locked out by Rio Tinto Alcan (RTA) on December 30, 780 workers in Alma, Quebec have been building a global wave of solidarity against a ruthless employer.more
Spotlight placed on condition of migrant workers
migrant workers deserve justice
The tragic death of 10 Peruvian farm workers in Hampstead, Ontario, has put the spotlight on the working conditions of migrant farm workers all across Canada.more
Oscar buzz - or biz
the year of nostalgia
While the Oscars have avoided politics and buried themselves in nostalgia, there's an alternative.more


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