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US escalates threats against Iran
Sanctions are the first step towards war
The West is spinning a new IAEA Report to build its case for war against Iran, starting with sanctions.more
Quebec political turmoil continues
Political instability creates an opening for the left
Amidst anger at the Liberals, a crisis in the PQ and a new right-wing formation, a mass student strike and a rising poll for QS has the chance to reshape Quebec politics.more
Tories declare war on Medicare
Harper wants to cut $21 billion from Medicare
But the overwhelming majority of people continue to support public heath care. This majority must be mobilized to defend and expand Medicare, and stop the real threats to health care - Austerity, corporate bailouts, ecological destruction and warfare.more
Wheat Board: Harper thumbs his nose at democracy and the courts
Harper hates farmers
Few issues more clearly demonstrate the anti-democratic and arrogant style of the Harper government than its five-year campaign to destroy...more
Campaign builds against Enbridge pipeline
Stop the pipe!
First Nations groups are leading a growing campaign against the looming threat of the Enbridge Northern Gateway project. Enbridge wants...more
Their working conditions are our learning conditions
Occupy solidarity, support teaching assistants
Like the issue of tutorial sizes, it’s obvious that CUPE 3902 working conditions are students’ learning conditions. If there’s a lockout or strike it’s crucial that students support their TAs on the picket linesmore
Key lessons for a new year of struggle
Analyzing Canada
By putting these two words together in his book Imperialist Canada, Toronto author and activist Todd Gordon has provided us with a compelling and important analysis of Canada's place in the world system.more
The environment is a working-class issue
Teamsters and turtles, together at last
The perceived division between the needs of workers, the 99%, and the need to solve our many environmental crises, only benefits the 1%. We all need to overcome these divisions, and this book can help.more
Quebec Left: From Charlottetown to Québec solidaire
Supporting Quebec's right to self-determination is key to challenging Canada's 1%
The strength of the Quebec left is grounded in its history of mass participation against both capitalism and the oppressive, colonial practices of the federal state. While some sections of the English Canadian left have embraced this legacy, it is an uneven process.more
Quebec students strike
2012 raises hopes for another 2005 strike
In 2005 nearly a quarter of a million Quebec students went on strike and defeated the government's cuts to education. Facing new Austerity measures, Quebec students are again striking, offering lessons for campus organizing across Canada.more


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