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Italy: Austerity and resistance
Crisis and resistance comes to Italy
As the focus of Europe's debt crisis shifts from Greece to Italy, Italian economist and economic historian Stefano Agnoletto discusses the prospects for Italian workers' resistance to neoliberal Austerity.more
Arab Spring, the revolutions continue
The Arab Spring enters its second year
Amidst deepening economic crisis and ongoing Western intervention, with international and local forces attempting to contain the revolutions, workers have the power to spread the Arab Spring.more
Hands off Syria, Victory to the revolution
Don't let NATO hijack the revolution
NATO powers are using repression in Syria as a pretext for long sought intervention, which would hijack another part of the Arab Spring and undermine its potential, which has already produced defections in the army and organized a general strike.more
Reading the tea leaves for 2012
class warfare is about to get hotter
The economic crisis and the occupy movement are bringing talk of "class" back.more
Escalation in Somalia Part of AFRICOM's Resource Wars in Africa
The new scramble for Africa
The US strategy in Somalia is to escalate the 20-year old conflict to consolidate AFRICOM's military objectives of securing vital resources, countering China's strategy and confronting the revolutionary wave sweeping across the continent.more
Resistance and solidarity continues in Bahrain
The forgotten Arab spring
Despite an intense crackdown on Bahrain's uprising since it began in February, demonstrators continue to fight for justice, and the small country of 1.2 million people is getting the world's attention.more
NATO attacks on Pakistan reveal misery and divisions in US - war on terror"
NATO's war of terror
The NATO assault on a Pakistani border post that killed 24 soldiers and wounded 13 others does not come as...more
Revolution from below, not bombs from above, can bring change to Syria and Iran
Real regime change comes from below
Canada and other Western powers are trying to stifle the Arab spring - escalating the threat of military intervention against Syria and Iran, while quietly supporting repression in Palestine, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.more
Knife attack on Serbian socialist at Belgrade University is dangerous attack on right to protest
Report from the Serbian student movement
Students at Belgrade University have been undergoing escalating state repression and far right attacks as they struggle against rising fees...more
Right to Protest
statement on Serbia student movement
We believe that, at a critical moment in the deepening crisis, it is our right and duty to demonstrate solidarity...more


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