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Occupy everything
Strategy and tactics of the Occupy movement
One of the most exciting things about the Occupy protests is the widespread discussion they have sparked, both within the movement itself and among the wider public, about creating resistance to the capitalist system and building alternatives to it. Some of the questions are new. Many others have come up in previous movements. That means today's movement will have both lessons to offer and lessons to learn.more
Durban Climate Change summit: The time for talk is over
The UN Conference on Climate Change
The upcoming UN Conference on Climate Change takes placed amidst increasing extreme weather disasters and a rising tide of mass revolt worldwide. It's either system change, or climate change.more
Occupy, strike, resist
The Occupy movement begins...
Protests in Oakland show the depth of popular discontent of the Occupy movement, which follows on the waves of the Arab spring and the occupation in Wisconsin. The next steps are to take the movement into campuses and workplaces.more
Wheat Board battle heats up
Farmers challenge the Harper government
The Harper government has tabled Bill C-18 to end the Canadian Wheat Board and deregulate the grain market. But farmers are fighting back.more
Israel hijacks aid ship, tasers activist
Canadians attempt to break the siege on Gaza
The Canadian Boat to Gaza made a second attempt in early November to deliver medical aid to Gaza and break...more
Business as usual after historic prisoner swap
Israel frees prisoners, then returns to war crimes
Less than two weeks after Israel freed over 1,000 Palestinian political prisoners in exchange for a single Israeli soldier captured...more
Chilean students and workers struggle together
The 2011 year of revolt arrives in Chile
In its biggest protests since the Pinochet dictatorship, Chilean students and workers have organized mass protests and strikes against neoliberalism.more
Pressure builds on Yemeni president
UN provides exit for Saleh
As the people of Yemen continue their fight for freedom and democracy, the UN has provided an exit plan for the dictator that would grant him immunity.more
What next for Libya
The revolution in Libya is not finished
The death of Gaddafi has not achieved a new Libya, which is now run by a pro-NATO government including his old ministers. The revolution in Libya could continue.more
Syria: from protests to defection
The Syrian revolution continues
As the regime of Bashar al-Assad continues its crackdown on demonstrators, there is a rift opening up in the armed...more


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