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The reality of catastrophic climate change
The future of ecological destruction is now
Through first-hand experience, Parenti brings together the legacy of colonialism, neoliberalism, climate change and imperialist wars.more
Clap hands for the meltdown
the soundtrack for the new depression
If anybody was going to write the soundtrack for the new depression, it was bound to be Ry Cooder.more
Canada rebranded
The Tories re-brand Canada
From wasting money on fighter jets to attacking women's rights, the Tories are making their agenda clear.more
Constitutionally speaking: Quebec and the Supremes
Divide and rule in Canada
It is not, as the judges perceived, the politics of the elite, but the politics of mass struggle among workers in common cause in Quebec and English Canada that will be decisive.more
The Arab Spring is the real 'peace process' for Palestine
The real peace process is coming
For decades the West has maintained control of the oil-rich Middle East by arming Israeli apartheid and Arab dictatorships; it has denounced Palestinian resistance while preaching - peace process" negotiations with an increasingly complicit Palestinian Authority. But the Arab Spring is throwing this imperial structure into crisis.more
The real threat is Harper-icism
The enemy is at home
The real threat is not -Islamicism- but Islamophobia, anti-refugee racism, prison expansion and militarism.more
The Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples: 15 years on
Assessing RCAP
Indigenous resistance defending Oka and defeating Meech Lake gave rise to sweeping changes recommended by the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoplesmore
Pipeline ethics: profit is god
unethical oil
The movement on both sides of the Canada/US border to stop the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline can measure its strength by the massive, multi-million dollar corporate ad campaign designed to sell the public on the project.more
Ten years of the 'war on terror'
-Regime change- is being turned on its head
Ten years after the launch of the - war on terror," James Clark examines the failure of US imperialism to achieve its aims in Central Asia and the Middle East, and the prospects for resistance in the Arab Spring.more
Civil liberties: The long struggle for justice
assessing 10 years of civil liberties campaign
the picture is not entirely bleak. A number of important victories in the fight to defend civil liberties have helped improve the terrain for future struggles. The importance of these victories should not be underestimated, especially in light of the difficult conditions in which they were won.more


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