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Eyewitness to the printemps érable
inside the Quebec spring
The June 2 march in Montreal was billed as both illegal and family-friendly (it was indeed both), was called by...more
Act now to defend free speech and Pride Toronto funding
a call to solidarity
Please call and write to your councilors to urge them to support funding for the festival and free speech, and...more
Support St. Christopher House workers on strike
St. Christopher House workers strike for fairness
St. Christopher house workers (CUPE 3393) are on strike after two years of negotiations. Workers are being asked to take...more
Spirit of Quebec takes over Toronto streets
Toronto casserole against austerity
Casseroles night in Canada as it has been popularly referred, kicked off in Toronto on Wednesday May 30. All over...more
Workers at CP get railroaded
inside the CP Rail strike
On May 23, 4800 CP Rail workers went on strike after giving a 72-hour strike notice on May 19. The...more
CP strikers picket Union Station
CP Rail workers strike
Socialist Worker interviewed striking CP Rail workers about their fight for justice. As one worker's placard read, "why does the...more
How do we spread the Quebec Spring?
Learning the lessons of the Quebec spring
The Quebec student strike is inspiring people across Canada who would like to see a similar mass movement against austerity. But how we spread the Quebec spring?more
The disability movement
From each according to their abilities...
For people with disabilities, the struggle to be heard is still an uphill battle as we struggle to define ourselves...more
The fight for queer liberation
the fight for queer liberation
We need to continue fighting for LGBT freedom and a truly liberated sexuality. We need a society where people can decide how they want to live, not struggle to hold a family together or else feel they are a failure. Because LGBT oppression originates from capitalist society as a whole, it can only be eliminated by the overthrow of capitalism.more
How to save the planet, and ourselves
System change, not climate change
This book is an all-encompassing review of how to understand the relationship between humans, nature, and capitalism, and what to do about it.more


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