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Hunger strikes expose Israel's unjust policies
Hanaa Shalabi is dying for justice
Another hunger strike is highlighting the injustice of administrative detention, and exposing Israel's human rights abuses to the world.more
- Robogate" reveals weakness of Tory majority
The largest election scandal in Canadian history
Voters in more than 90 ridings across Canada have Reported irregularities, suspicious activity, and harassing and misleading phone calls in the run-up to the May 2011 federal election. In nearly every case, the calls and irregularities favoured the Conservatives.more
Amir Khadir supports students and workers on strike
victory to students and workers
In the middle of the historic student march, leading left-wing politician Amir Khadir supports striking students and locked out workers...more
Jean Charest's plan to wreck the North
Quebec's version of the tar sands
Quebec Premier Jean Charest wants to impose a massive corporate project to exploit the resources and indigenous land of the north of Quebec, but he's meeting resistance--from indigenous and labour groups, the Quebec student strike, and protests building for Earth Day.more
Activists occupy Lisa Raitt's office in response to attack on Air Canada workers
inside the occupation of Lisa Raitt's office
As Air Canada workers were on wildcat strike after being suspended for slow-clapping Lisa Raitt, labour activists occupied Lisa Raitt's...more
support Toronto library/city workers
Support libraries by supporting library workers
Rob Ford is trying to push through his unpopular cuts to libraries by attacking library workers. It's time to support those who provide public services.more
Rediscovering rank-and-file resistance
Wildcat strike!
As workers come up against the limits of social democracy and the trade union bureaucracy, some are starting to rediscover radical tactics to challenge the 1%.more
Inside the Air Canada wildcat strike
Eyewitness account to the wildcat strike
Socialist Worker provides breaking coverage of the Air Canada wildcat strike, with an eyewitness account of the wildcat strike.more
Interview with Air Canada activist
Air Canada activist explains the wildcat strike
Socialist Worker provides breaking coverage of the Air Canada wildcat strike, by interviewing one of the trade union militants involved.more
Egyptian military cracks down on activists
The Egyptian counter-revolution
SCAF, defenders of the old regime, are attacking key activists of the Egyptian revolution.more


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