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Harper feels pushback on Old Age Security
Occupy Old Age Security
Opposition inside and outside Parliament is challenging Harper's attempt to make elderly people pay for the crisis.more
Flotilla exposes Canada's role in illegal Gaza blockade
Blockade Harper, not Gaza
Participants in the Canada Boat to Gaza toured Canada to highlight Harper's role in Israel's illegal blockade of Gaza.more
Khader Adnan, from Palestine, awakened the world
how one prisoner awakened the world
On February 21, Khader Adnan, a 33 year-old Palestinian political prisoner, ended his 66-day hunger strike—after winning his eventual release...more
The Dreyfus Affair of our time
In February there was a reprise of the fundraiser event for Hassan Diab titled - J'Accuse". This recent performance was different because Diab and his partner were in attendance and Diab read his own poems.more
15 Years on: The Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples
What has the RCAP accomplished?
In a recent issue of Socialist Worker, we reported on the highlights from the 1996 Report of the Royal Commission...more
Quebec economy cracks as job losses mount
The fight for decent jobs is on
From public to private sector, the 1% in Quebec is slashing jobs to make a profit.more
Occupy, resist, produce
don't just occupy, produce!
Ness and Azzellini's collection takes a detailed look at instances where workers took over their workplaces and ran them collectively, making demands from the routine to the revolutionary.more
15 Years on: The Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples
What has the RCAP accomplished?
Valerie Lannon provides a detailed assessment of the lives of indigenous people across Canada, 15 years after recommendations of the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples.more
CUPE 416 signs contract
Analysis of the contract
The contract is neither a victory nor a sign workers will not fight. It is important to recognize the difference in the state of labour/community solidarity between 2009 and now, but this is a process that must continue as the full-blown Austerity agenda is being unleashed on workers.more
Mass strike shakes Nigeria
The global revolt arrives in Nigeria
The mass strike and public protests that swept through Nigeria from January 9 to January 13 were the largest in the country's history.more


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