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Ten years of the 'war on terror'
-Regime change- is being turned on its head
Ten years after the launch of the - war on terror," James Clark examines the failure of US imperialism to achieve its aims in Central Asia and the Middle East, and the prospects for resistance in the Arab Spring.more
Civil liberties: The long struggle for justice
assessing 10 years of civil liberties campaign
the picture is not entirely bleak. A number of important victories in the fight to defend civil liberties have helped improve the terrain for future struggles. The importance of these victories should not be underestimated, especially in light of the difficult conditions in which they were won.more
NATO's bloody history
NATO's real record
After the Cold War, NATO has become Western imperialism's way of competing for resources with emerging rivals, to the detriment of the nations they pretend to help.more
Libya and the myth of 'humanitarian intervention'
The impact of -humanitarian intervention-
Scrambling to contain the Arab Spring, the same Western powers who armed Libyan dictator Gaddafi are now pretending to help the Libyan people. But foreign intervention is undermining the revolution.more
Campaign to stop the pipeline
Occupy the climate, end the pipeline
When the Occupy movement came to Vancouver, environmental groups built opposition to the Enbridge pipeline.more
Divide and rule: Aboriginal peoples and the Constitution
The Canadian state's history of dividing Quebec and First Nations
The Canadian state has played a long game and divide and rule, pitting First Nations and Quebec against each other. The divide-and-rule tactics of the federal state clearly demand a response - a unified movement that supports the rights of all the oppressed to self-determination.more
Pressure builds on Yemeni president
UN provides exit for Saleh
As the people of Yemen continue their fight for freedom and democracy, the UN has provided an exit plan for...more
No sanctions, no war. Don't Attack Iran
Stop the next war
Economic crisis, imperial rivalry and Islamophobia are fueling an attack on Iran that could have devastating consequences.more
Euro crisis: workers vs Austerity
The capitalist rot continues
As Austerity measures deepen the crisis in Greece, the Great Recession is spreading across Europe. But workers are saying -enough- and striking against Austerity.more
We remember Alex Dodger
Obituary for Alex Dodger
We have all lost a wonderful anti-war and social activist, whose bright future as a human rights lawyer has been taken away from the world. Most of all we have lost a friend, whose laugh and smile and funny stories made the struggle for a better world all the more enjoyable.more


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