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Film review: The human face of TBA: In Search of Professor Precarious
In Search of Professor precarious is a Canadian documentary feature examining the issues, stories and struggles of precarious contract faculty in higher education.
Gerry Potter worked as a contract professor for 27 years, at three different institutions, beloved by his students but stymied...more)
Kenney admits “Safe Schools” are a fiction
Alberta’s back-to-school plan is only days old and already in a shambles. Dr. Deena Hinshaw, Alberta CMO, said that a...more)
Stop TMX - Pipeline battle heats up
On the 3rd of August, Doctor Tim Takaro, decided to commit an act of civil disobedience and occupy cotton wood...more)
Dying for Dollars: Capitalism is a death cult
“Capitalism tends to destroy its two sources of wealth: nature and human beings.” It would be nice is this popular...more)
Standoff in Port of Montreal Strike
After 2 weeks on the picket line, around 1,100 members of Syndicat des débardeurs du port de Montréal (CUPE 375)...more)
Bill 195 and 32 | Tory attacks on labour rights from Ontario to Alberta
Tory premiers are using covid to suspend collective agreements but workers are fighting back
Conservative governments in Ontario and Alberta have used the cover of the Covid 19 pandemic to launch major attacks on...more)
International Socialist Tendency statement on the uprising in Belarus
A mass movement of strikes and protests has developed in Belarus, protesting the corrupt authoritarian rule of Aleksander Lukashenko. Hundreds...more)
Surprise, the Conservatives elected a tool
Erin O’Toole is the new leader of the federal Conservative party after a a contentious and extremely lengthy vote counting...more)
Back to school: No unsafe re-opening! No layoffs!
The Ford government’s plan to reopen Ontario schools has been called ‘deadly’, ‘flawed’, ‘a fantasy’ and ‘mindboggling’. Teachers, parents and...more)
Ideas and experience: how I became a socialist
Like many comrades, for me it all started with reading. Reading and experience. As someone who grew up in the...more)
Justice for Mark and Candace
Trade unionists and community members rally against racist attacks
On Tuesday, June 25, Candace Zinkweg and Mark Austin were subjects of a violent racist attack in Dentonia Park, Scarborough,...more)
Who is Tim Takaro? Why is he in a tree?
Dr. Takaro is suspended 25 metres up to stop the TMX pipeline expansion
SFU professor is supended 25 metres up in the trees to stop the TMX pipeline
Dr. Tim Takaro has made the news as the “Vancouver physician” who has occupied some trees in New Westminster in...more)
Haudensaunee land defenders retake 1492 Land Back Lane
Six Nations land defenders at 1492 Land Back Lane
Police & Premier side with real estate developers against Six Nations land defenders
On July 19, Six Nations land defenders began occupying a planned 1000 unit Mackenzie Meadows building site on unceded Haudensaunee...more)
How I became a socialist
First in a series of stories about how socialists became radicalized
An old friend, now deceased, once asked: “How did a golf loving white boy from London Ontario ever turn out...more)
Report on Business: Fly the deadly skies
The COVID-19 pandemic has been bad for business. Keeping people healthy and safe has resulted in falling profits. So to...more)
Black Lives Matter in the Beaches
Black Lives Matter on Toronto beach
A report on the east-end Toronto Black Lives Matter rally
The Toronto east end hosted yet another well-attended march for Black lives on August 1! The route which toured the...more)
COVID-19, capitalism and climate
COVID-19 is a product of capitalism's assault on the environment
COVID-19 is a product of capitalism's assault on the environment
No one should have been surprised by COVID-19. Epidemiologists have been warning for decades about the increasing danger of novel...more)
Russia: Workers fight back against COVID austerity
Report from socialists in the Russian Federation: In Russia, during the pandemic, there has been a wave of labour protest...more)
Ottawa’s George Floyd: Abdirahman Abdi
“His death caused an awakening.” No death at the hands of the racist police should ever be forgotten. But some...more)
Capitalism, oppression and 'cancel culture'
As we live through a historic health, economic and environmental crisis with catastrophic consequences for people around the world, and...more)
Colonial statues: vandalism or artistic improvement
In a fit of civic improvement and spirit of public service, three Black Lives Matter TO activists painted some Toronto...more)
Putin's referendum: Report from Russian socialists
A letter from “Socialist Tendency”, a group based in the Russian city of Nizhny Novgorod, near Moscow, about the recent...more)
Vive la Revolution!
On July 14, 1789 a crowd of the poor and working people of Paris marched to the infamous Bastille fortress...more)
Black Liberation and Indigenous sovereignty: 1960s to 2020 | Watch Video
Black Liberation and Indigenous sovereignty: 1960s to 2020 Monday, July 13 | 7:00 pm | Online Speakers: Nigel Barriffe, president...more)
Interview with organizer of the March for Black lives in Hamilton
There has been a series of demonstrations in Hamilton calling for an end to racism and to defund the police...more)


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