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Tory MPPs rush to wipe away Ford's tears

April 25, 2021

Some big-hearted souls are calling on Ontario’s Conservative MPPs to stand up against their boss, and do the right things for public health.

In the words of Dr. Julius Hibbert: “And hillbillies want to be called Sons of the Soil. But it ain’t gonna happen.” (That’s right, even the cartoon doctors have turned against Ford.)

Virtually every voice in the province, except for the Tory faithful is calling for two essential policies: paid sick days, and paid time off to get immunized. New polls show that almost 70% of the population want paid sick time; for women and people under 35 the numbers are 75% and 74% respectively.  Literally thousands of doctors have signed on to public letters criticizing Ford’s faux-lockdown and demanding sick time and immunization support. 

In the wake of Ford’s weepy backyard press conference, a performance that would make Sammy Maudlin blush, Tory MPPs rushed to social media to reaffirm their fidelity to FordNation.

Parm Gill, who has been misrepresenting Milton since 2018, tweeted: “Proud to serve with @FordNation He’s been working 24/7 to protect the health and well-being of every single Ontarian.”

The mathematically challenged Lisa MacCleod retweeted Gill’s pearl with the comment “1000%”.

Brampton’s Prabmeet Sakaria issued a curiously similar tweet: “Since the pandemic began @FordNation has been working 24/7 to protect the health and well being of every single Ontarian. Together, we’ll get through this and see better days ahead.” Sections of Brampton report the highest COVID numbers in the country, with wild-fire spread traced to workplaces. 

Durham’s Lindsey Park says: “This man has led during unprecedented times with his heart on his sleeve. Thank you @FordNation.” I’m not sure what Doug’s fashion choices have to do with anything, but okay. We’d all be better off if he used his ears and listened to the public health experts instead.

Brantford/Brant’s Will “Hey Boomer” Bouma is in full grovel mode: “I am honoured to serve with this man as his Parliamentary Assistant. @FordNation is there before me and still at it when I go home. He’s there for every single Ontarian. Thank you sir!” Maybe Bouma’s duties include reminding Doug what his computer password is (spoiler alert: it’s Password1234).

All this tells us two things. 1, no Tory MPP is going to break ranks and back the basic reforms that Ontarians need and that scientists and health professionals demand. If there are any cracks in Ford’s caucus, they are of the COVID-denial, anti-vaxx, anti-mask variety. And 2, they are getting nervous, the phone is ringing off the hook in their riding offices, so it is time for them to pull up the drawbridge and get ready for a siege. 

Let’s oblige them.




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