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Day of Rage Occupies Canada’s Busiest Intersection
On Saturday, July 4, 2020, approximately 400 demonstrators from the Palestinian Youth Movement (PYM) and their community allies occupied and...more)
Left JAB at Canada
Left JAB
For forty years John Bell has taken on the defenders of Canada's wars, racism & genocide
John Bell has been writing regularly for Socialist Worker and since 1980. Today the champions of Canada’s 1% in...more)
International Students Speak Out | Watch Video
International Students speak out Neither Cash cows nor cheap labour With Canan Shin and Rohit Revi
Playing with plague: sports under COVID-19
Pro sport is big business. In just one season (2019) the NFL alone generated $16 billion in revenue. Major league...more)
Spike Lee’s take on The American War: Da 5 Bloods
Racism and imperialism on trial in Spike Lee's new film
Spike Lee’s new movie streaming on Netflix, “Da 5 Bloods,” couldn’t come at a better, or a more appropriate time...more)
Stop bill 175! Workers rally across Ontario today
Workers protest Ford's attack on healthcare
Emergency street protests and car cavalcades were held in 11 cities and at Queen’s Park on June 24 as Doug...more)
Trade unionists stand up against racism

Members of the Longshore workers union shutdown the west coast ports to protest anti-black racism
Labour needs to support the movement against racism and police brutality
Over the past weeks, we have seen the largest protest movement in US history which has sparked similar demonstrations around...more)
Disability and Police Violence in Pandemic Times
At time of writing this article at least three people have died in during a police interaction over the course...more)
Beer before capitalism
18th Century Norwegian Ale Bowl, copyright Victoria and Albert museum
A wide range of beer methods and ingredients saved from extinction
Review of Historical Brewing Techniques: The lost art of farmhouse brewing , by Lars Marius Garshol, Brewers Publications, 2020 This...more)
Parliamentary Budget Officer exposes looters and thieves
Make the rich pay
100 families own $1 out of every $50 in Canada
The richest few in Canada have gotten away with looting. They have taken the great wealth that our labour makes...more)
Vancouver protests against police, for a better world
Justice for Chantel Moore rally in Vancouver
Solidarity rallies across Vancouver call for change
On the 13th of June, in Vancouver, there were protests across the city. At the Art Gallery alone, there was...more)
Kick over the statues
Is nothing sacred? When it comes to history, no. In Bristol, England, Black Lives Matter protesters removed a statue of...more)
Black Lives Matter in New Westminster
Stanley Edom addresses Black Lives Matter rally in New Westminster, BC
New Westminster, BC joins global movement against racism
Around 100 people joined the New West supports Black Lives Matter rally on Friday June 12. The rally was organized...more)
Alberta Conservatives try to outlaw protest
This protest in Calgary on June 3 would be illegal under the new law
Alberta passes law to prevent protest on private & public property, sidewalks, roads, & parking lots
Alberta’s the United Conservative Party recently passed Bill 1 - The Critical Infrastructure Protection Act - pushing Alberta towards authoritarianism...more)
Hamilton police budget: time to Defund
Each year the Hamilton Police Services budget dwarfs all others in the city. It’s larger that social services, parks and...more)
Vancouver rallies against racism and police brutality
10,000 in Vancovuer join global movement against racism and police
“You love our culture, but you don’t love us”, said a speaker in front of 10,000 people in solidarity with...more)
Demilitarize, Dismantle, Defund the police
In Buffalo, New York, a militarized SWAT team assaulted and injured an elderly man. Police claimed the he fell on...more)
Jason Kenney vs. the future of Alberta
Kenney destroys jobs, lives and the planet. Image CC BY-NC-NC 2.0 Government of Alberta
Jason Kenney destroys jobs, lives and the planet
Race, Poverty, Class and COVID-19 in Toronto
Covid map shows racism and poverty define the crisis in Toronto
The murder of George Floyd by 4 Minneapolis police officers brought widespread, large and angry protests and has starkly exposed...more)
Toronto rallies against racism and police brutality
Thousands turned out on the streets of Toronto on May 30 to take part in a protest in memory of...more)
Marx21 Statement on the Murder of George Floyd and the Ongoing Rebellion
Reprinted from Marx21US Minneapolis is burning and the fire is spreading across the country. George Floyd was murdered on May...more)
Ford tries to blame unions for LTC scandal
Ontario Premier Doug Ford is under intense fire for the unnecessary deaths in Ontario’s Long Term Care facilities. He is...more)
What do Bartók, Lugosi, and Kun have in common?
To Arms! To Arms! - Poster from 1919
The arts were key in the fight for a better world in Hungary in 1919
Review of Painting the Town Red: Politics and the Arts During the 1919 Hungarian Soviet Republic by Bob Dent, Pluto...more)
Capitalism, profit and workers resistance: Long Term Care and Meat Packing
Workers are being asked to die to make profits for the corporations, but they are fighting back.
The carnage goes on as the vulnerable continue to suffer and die. As of this writing, almost 3000 health care...more)
Doug Ford (still) sucks
He may be popular now but we need to remember that his cuts made this crisis worse
We are coming up to the one-year anniversary of the Toronto Raptors victory parade, notable for having about 1 million...more)


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