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Postal Workers on Strike: The Need for a Rank and File Movement

This pamphlet by IS activist Philip Murton (1950-2020) was published in May 1979.

Contents: 1. The Assault on CUPW | 2. The Labour Bureaucracy | 3. The Socialist Alternative

Defund police supplement

Defund, Disarm, Disband - Abolish the racist police!

It's a poster and an article with the socialist case for disbanding the police.

Rent strike placard

Download the pacerd and stick it in the window and join the movement for a rent srike

Readings for Vancouver IS organizing meeting - 7:30PM, Tuesday, May 19

Vancouver International Socialists weekly organizing meeting

Join us on Tuesday May 19 at 7:30PM via Discord:

This week's meeting will include a discussion of Social Murder, the rush to return to work and campaigns against homelessness.

For background please read:

No, we will not die for their profits

Damning evidence of scale of black and Asian virus deaths

The Grenfell Tower fire is a symbol of a world built for the rich

Solidarity with Wet'suwet'en nation

Download these placards to show your support for the Wet'suwet'en people standing up for thier lands and in opposition to the Coastal gaslink piplelines.

No War on Iran placard

Download the No War on Iran placard to print and distribute.

Climate strike placards

Download these placards for the climate actions.


Trudeau - Pensions Not Pipelines

Download the Pensions Not Pipelines placard

Socialist Worker Supplement - Ford Can Be Beaten

Ford can be beaten - Lessons from the days of action

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Abortion and the struggle for reproductive justice - Pamphlet June 2014

Table of contents: Why are reproductive rights under attack? | Reproductive justice and the campaign to overturn the federal abortion law | Reproductive justice now | Reproductive rights in the US | Abortion rights internationally | Women's liberation and reproductive justice

Petition – Nationalize GM for a Green New Deal for Oshawa

Petition to the Legislative Assembly of Ontario, to take the General Motors Oshawa plant into public ownership, and maintain jobs and manufacturing capacity by re-tooling to manufacture electric vehicles or products that will lead the transition to a sustainable energy economy.


Socialist Worker Supplement - Negotiate, don't legislate! Solidarity with postal workers

Download the leaflet in solidarity with striking postal workers (November 22, 2018)



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