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Socialist Worker Supplement - Ford Can Be Beaten

Ford can be beaten - Lessons from the days of action

Abortion and the struggle for reproductive justice - Pamphlet June 2014

Table of contents: Why are reproductive rights under attack? | Reproductive justice and the campaign to overturn the federal abortion law | Reproductive justice now | Reproductive rights in the US | Abortion rights internationally | Women's liberation and reproductive justice

Petition – Nationalize GM for a Green New Deal for Oshawa

Petition to the Legislative Assembly of Ontario, to take the General Motors Oshawa plant into public ownership, and maintain jobs and manufacturing capacity by re-tooling to manufacture electric vehicles or products that will lead the transition to a sustainable energy economy.


Socialist Worker Supplement - Negotiate, don't legislate! Solidarity with postal workers

Download the leaflet in solidarity with striking postal workers (November 22, 2018)


How Operation Solidarity became Operation Soldout

In 1983 a general strike movement, Operation Solidarity, swept British Columbia. This pamphlet is the story of how months of protests against the provincial government coalesced into Operation Solidarity. Before it was called off by the union leadership, 85,000 workers had joined a general strike.

Socialist Worker supplement - July 21, 2018

Special supplement on Ford's attack on sex ed curriculum

Socialist Worker/ Fund Drive Pledge Form

If you support an independent anti-capitalist alternative to the mainstream media – from the perspective of the exploited and oppressed of this world – please donate today! Your contribution will make all the difference in helping to expand our coverage and reach. Target: $10,000.

Anti-harassment policy

The International Socialists aims to provide an environment free of harassment at all its events. Below is our anti-harassment policy.

To contact the Harassment Committee, email

Solidarity with Tim Hortons workers!

Here is a Socialist Worker supplement, published January 9, 2018, in solidarity with Tim Horton's workers.

The role of district Soviets in the Russian Revolution

Here is an intersting article on the local workers' councils in Petrograd during the Russian revolution.

Resources for making posters

Here are some resources for making posters and leaflets:
For designing a poster: Layout Software: Scribus
Open source office suite: LibreOffice     (Word processor etc)   
Deviant Art is a source for backgrounds and textures. Be sure to check the permissions for re-use and credit the artist.

FAE motion

Take this motion to your union or organization for support, and if endorsed send to


Climate jobs petition

If the Liberals want to spend on infrastructure and reduce carbon emissions, they should support the One Million Climate Jobs campaign. Get signatures on this petition and send them to your Member of Parliament.

Petition against war on Iraq

Circulate this petition in your classroom, neighbourhood or workplace, and send completed petitions to your Member of Parliament



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