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Ford mum on meeting with far-right president

Enemies of education unite
John Bell

November 3, 2022

At the same time as popular opposition to his attempts to wreck public education is growing, Doug Ford and his cabinet played host to a visiting head of state.

Normally such an occasion would be widespread in the news and on social media, but this time DoFo&CO kept it under their hat. Maybe that’s because the visitor is Katalan Novak, president of Hungary, close ally of neo-fascist leader Viktor Orban. 

To be fair, Orban’s western apologists, including many in Canada’s conservative movement, insist he is not a fascist; he’s just a far-right populist. Duly noted.

Maybe now, when they are busy trampling on the Charter Rights of Ontario workers, isn’t the ideal moment to be seen arm-in-arm with the leader of an openly racist, anti-immigrant, homophobic government. Too bad, because they have so much in common.

If you’re wondering what they had to talk about, maybe this came up: Hungary’s government is facing a campaign of civil disobedience from education workers determined to stop Orban’s attempts to destroy public education. 

Solidarity with education workers everywhere.  


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