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Vancouver rallies against Enbridge

Tania Ehret

March 28, 2012

It’s time for Harper and his empire of oil executives to reconsider the challenge they have ahead of them in their fight to make the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline project see the day. On March 26, 2,000 people showed up at the Vancouver Art Gallery at noon hour on a rainy Monday to let those of power and prestige know that BC will not let more oil tankers threaten their communities, eco-systems, indigenous self-determination and right to personal health.

Speakers such as Bill Mckibbin ( and Art Sterritt (Coastal First Nations) grasped the momentum and adrenalin felt by community members all over BC, concerned by the ostensible democratic process of oil infrastructure in BC. With claims of economic benefits transparent in only benefitting the owners of industry and the eagerness to invest in renewable energies stronger than ever, one can feel the beginning of a web that weaves community, labour, environmental and indigenous activists together in one movement.

Once the speakers had finished, the peaceful demonstrators marched to the Enbridge headquarters, where activists led chants and reclaimed their right to use public space as a platform for coalition building. As the joint review panel continues on, it can be surmised that whatever the outcome, people will not be stepping down anytime soon. Get ready to pack up for the blockade!

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