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Protestors demand green debate

Janine Carter

August 12, 2019

Wednesday July 17 a crowd gathered outside the CBC building in Toronto to demand a publicly televised climate debate be held during the coming federal election campaign. This was part of a coordinated cross-country action sponsored by climate justice group,, timed to coincide with the six o’clock news. 

Not deterred by rain, protesters in Toronto listened to speakers and joined in singing and chanting. The event culminated with a ‘pipeline’ set up outside the main entrance of the CBC being ‘shut down’ by protesters. 

There were calls for Dwight Drummond, CBC news anchor, to come outside and join the protest, but he did not show, nor did anyone else from CBC come out to respond to protester demands for a debate. Two NDP and a Green candidate did participate. Liberals and Tories were noticeable in their absence. 

Climate change is escalating twice as fast in Canada as other places in the world, we are experiencing record high temperatures and damaging storms action now is required. The September 20-27 climate strike action around the world will create pressure for change globally. Federal election candidates must also feel this pressure to put forward and promote real plans for change. 


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