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Solidarity with IATSE local 58 - Send a message to John Tory and Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment

November 12, 2018

There was a solidarity rally on Sunday November 11 for IATSE local 58 workers who have been locked out for 115 days by the Exhibition place board of governors. Shows playing at the EX site have been bringing in untrained scabs since the summer.

The IATSE members were joined by by members from CUPE, The Steelworkers, Elementary Teachers of Ontario and OSSTF for a large picket outside the Royal Winter Fair at the Ennercare Centre on the EX grounds.

Workers handed out leaflets condemning Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment for supporting the attack on workers. The leaflet reads, “Ask Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment why they are ‘bringing workers to their knees’ instead of to their feet by supporting the lockout of Toronto Stagehands.”

“We’ve negotiated a new deal every couple of years. They usually make us give something up but at least they negotiated. Now the’ve just locked us out”, said Dave, an IATSE member who joined the picket. “These corporations make enough money to pay for skilled jobs and a safe working site. It’s like they’re trying to import this right-to-work stuff from south of the border.”

Please send a message supporting the workers to John Tory at or to MLSE at


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