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It can’t happen here? Green Party sabotages ecosocialist challenge
When in early January Quebec Green Party leader and avowed ecosocialist Alex Tyrell declared his intent to run for national...more
Iowa Caucuses: Trouble in River City!
The Iowa Caucuses are a major disappointment - vote rigging and election tampering used to be a subtle art. Now...more
Danger: Tories at work
Supporters of the Doug Ford Tory government – possibly the big real estate and construction corporations that keep Conservative coffers...more
Coronavirus, racism and capitalism
A 60-year-old man has needlessly died of heart failure in Sydney, Australia’s Chinatown. Witnesses say bystanders refused to apply CPR,...more
A new political consciousness in India

Anti-CAA protests, student resistance and the general strike.

In the past few weeks, a series of political demonstrations have taken place in India in response to three popular...more
First we lose Manhattan….
According to NYC Mayor Bill DiBlasio, “We don’t debate global warming in New York City. Not anymore. The only question...more
Doug Ford rewards his real estate backers
Premier Doug Ford has been laying low, letting his education minister Steve Lecce take the point in his fight against...more
Smash the state! Socialism and Social Democracy
Sociallsm or Social Democracy: What's the difference?
There are all kinds of people and parties that fall under the label of socialist. The biggest difference is whether...more
Neo-Nazis flock to gun rights rally
Thousands of white supremacists, many carrying automatic weapons and decked in camouflage gear, chose to insult the legacy of Martin...more
Ontario Teachers fighting back
As the province doubles down on cuts, the teachers mobilizations are key to fighting back against Ford
Teachers in Ontario have been in a protracted struggle with the provincial government for some time. The minister of education...more


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Anti-CAA protests, student resistance and the general strike.

Toronto Steelworkers join solidarity action in Trois-Rivières
Thousands gathered to support workers locked out by ABI, a smelter owned by ALCOA.
Rally outside Morgentaler Clinic January 28, 1988
With mounting attacks on access to abortion, a look at the fight that led to a historic victory in Canada
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