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Bernier’s goal: drag the country to the right
He might disunite the right, but he will give more confidence to racists
In the space of a few short summer weeks, Maxime Bernier has gone from grousing about how the government protects...more
The bosses lie. Ontario wants $15 and Fairness
Bogus claims of higher wages causing job losses should boost the campaign to defend $15 and fairness
The Fight for $15 and Fairness has worked hard to mobilize working class people across Ontario to fight for decent...more
Attack on sex ed is an attempt to reinforce oppression
Teachers are supporting students and fighting Ford
A province-wide campaign opposing the Ford government’s attack on the progressive sex education curriculum has been gathering momentum. School boards...more
Hull nurses stage second sit-in against austerity
The combination of job action and the electoral alternative QS can rebuild healthcare
On August 4, when a nurse at the Gatineau Hospital in Hull was told she needed to stay after a...more
Poisoned people fight for clean water and environmental justice
The book documents government and corporate complicity, and the fight for environmental justice
Detroit journalist Anna Clark comes honestly to her knack for documenting resistance by ordinary people to injustice. Her great-grandfather was...more
Fighting Ford’s attacks on democracy
The anger against Bill 5 can help strengthen workers struggles against changes to sex ed and to defend Bill 148
On Thursday, August 16, the Toronto and York Region Labour Council held a meeting to oppose Doug Ford’s plan to...more
Janitors sweep rat union off BC campuses!
After many months janitors at several BC colleges and universities liberate themselves from an employer dominated rat union and join the Service Employees International Union.
After eight months of organizing and many setbacks, cleaning staff on four BC campuses have successfully joined the Service Employees...more
Elon Musk is not your friend
A billionaire pushing cars instead of public transit won't help the climate
One of the most pernicious falsehoods that infects advanced capitalist countries is that great men are the drivers of historical...more
Climate change in the Anthropocene: An unstoppable drive to Hothouse Earth?
Climate science is recognizing the radical changes required to avert catastrophe
‘Trajectories of the Earth System
in the Anthropocene’ by Will Steffen et al.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, August 6,...more
Review: Blueprint by Alice Bag - A Glam-punk Riot grrrl dance party
Alice Bag has been an active performer and frontwoman in punk bands since the late 1970’s when she formed Los...more


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