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Oppression and early revolutionary strategy
The fight against oppression is central to breaking the chains of capitalism
A ruling class is the class that has the most power to shape society according to its own strategic interests...more
Disabled Ontarians are fighting for fairness too
Join the Toronto Disability Pride March September 24 and the Rally for Decent Work October 1
On October 1, 2016 activists from across the province will be gathering at Queen’s Park in Toronto as part of...more
Fighting precarity in Ontario public sector unions
The Mississauga library workers successful strike is full of lessons for fighting austerity
The rise in precarious work in Ontario in the past decade has been dramatic. Particularly shocking is the statistic that...more
Outaouais, Québec : La Marche pour nos rivières
On August 14, La Marche pour nos rivières , a march along the whole length of the Ottawa River, was...more
Resisting the "Sixties Scoop” theft of Indigenous children
Indigenous peoples are demanding justice for the theft of children in the 1960s
“Treaties did not give the government the right to take our children,” announced Ontario Regional Chief Isadore Day to over...more
Time for a war on the real drug dealers: Big Pharma
Capitalism profits off our health
For many, awareness of the unbridled greed of the pharmaceutical industry began a year ago with their introduction to Martin...more
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The Mississauga library workers successful strike is full of lessons for fighting austerity
There's a growing campaign to bring truth and reconciliation to the education curriculum
There's been a backlash against the women leading the film, especially the Black actor Leslie Jones
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