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Left JAB at Canada
Left JAB
For forty years John Bell has taken on the defenders of Canada's wars, racism & genocide
John Bell has been writing regularly for Socialist Worker and since 1980. Today the champions of Canada’s 1% in...more
International Students Speak Out | Watch Video
International Students speak out Neither Cash cows nor cheap labour With Canan Shin and Rohit Revi
Playing with plague: sports under COVID-19
Pro sport is big business. In just one season (2019) the NFL alone generated $16 billion in revenue. Major league...more
Spike Lee’s take on The American War: Da 5 Bloods
Racism and imperialism on trial in Spike Lee's new film
Spike Lee’s new movie streaming on Netflix, “Da 5 Bloods,” couldn’t come at a better, or a more appropriate time...more
Stop bill 175! Workers rally across Ontario today
Workers protest Ford's attack on healthcare
Emergency street protests and car cavalcades were held in 11 cities and at Queen’s Park on June 24 as Doug...more
Trade unionists stand up against racism

Members of the Longshore workers union shutdown the west coast ports to protest anti-black racism
Labour needs to support the movement against racism and police brutality
Over the past weeks, we have seen the largest protest movement in US history which has sparked similar demonstrations around...more
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