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Interview with Crystal Sinclair: “Water is life, and we need to protect that”
Idle No More activist Crystal Sinclair discusses Standing Rock and the climate justice movement
Carolyn Egan spoke with Crystal Sinclair, an activist with Idle No More-Toronto who recently returned from a solidarity visit to...more
BC NDP supports Mayor’s transit plan, but will it be enough?
Increased funding is a good start, but it will take a movement to massively expand public transit
The BC NDP promised to ensure full implementation of the Mayors’ Transit Plan if elected in next Spring’s provincial election...more
Support Guyana’s sugar workers
Support the sugar workers' fight against austerity
The same ties which link companies from Canada to Guyana don’t just link those companies exploitative practices—like Canadian owned Omai...more
Liberals close job action centres
The Liberals don't want workers helping each other
The attacks on workers continues unrelentingly. Over the 12 years the United Steelworkers have received funding from the Ontario government...more
Socialists and the Fight for $15
Basic income, living wage and minimum wage have different strategies and outcomes
Socialists have an important role to play in building working class solidarity and trying to prevent ideological fault lines from...more
Interview: Sid Ryan speaks out
Former OFL president speaks about the labour movement, the Liberals and green jobs
Carolyn Egan spoke with Sid Ryan, long-time labour activist and former president of the Ontario Federation of Labour, about the...more
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The Mississauga library workers successful strike is full of lessons for fighting austerity
There's a growing campaign to bring truth and reconciliation to the education curriculum
There's been a backlash against the women leading the film, especially the Black actor Leslie Jones
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