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Trumping Trudeau
Trump and Trudeau have a different approach but similar policies
In the dreary year since his election, Justin Trudeau has seen the popularity of his government and his personal “brand”...more
Court victory for First Nations “60s Scoop” survivors
Despite attempts by Harper and Trudeau to delay the ruling, First Nations won the case
On February 14, 2017, after eight years of court battles, First Nations plaintiffs in Ontario won a big court victory...more
National day of action on electoral reform
Trudeau breaks another promise
On Saturday, February 11, people across Canada demonstrated against Justin Trudeau's broken electoral reform process. In Toronto the event was...more
Fighting for $15 and Fairness is a matter of health
The campaign is raising wages and gaining sick days
Precarious work is a threat to your health. Poverty wages undermine access to the social determinants of health—like food, shelter,...more
Protect press freedom
Forcing journalists to release their personal information is a threat to the free press
February 6 was Ben Makuch's final day at the Ontario Court of Appeal at Osgoode Hall in Toronto. He is...more
Interview: BLM organizer attacked by police
Black Lives Matter organizer tells her experience of police violence and resistance to Trump
Danni is an organizer with Black Lives Matter who has had personal experiences with excessive police force. I met her...more
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