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The tragedy of Two-Tier Tony
Tony Clement with gazebo as hat - by Tigana Flickr CC-BY-NC-ND-2.0
Clement is asking for understanding for his weaknesses, and that we allow him to seek help. While we would love to be charitable, here are some facts from Clement's career that might inform that charity.
After almost 20 years in “public service” Tony Clement’s career is in tatters thanks to news that he has been...more
Kesha’s new album calls for change
Here Comes the Change is an anthem for a future worth fighting for
Kesha’s newest single, Here Comes the Change, is a powerful ballad focused squarely on equality and social justice. The song...more
BC NDP: Green light and tax breaks for a devastating new fossil fuel project
Graphic of protest against pipelines and tankers
It’s time to de-privatize and democratize the energy sector
It is time to take the energy sector out of the hands of corporations and politicians. In the same week...more
Mass protest against Steve Bannon in Toronto
Protesters oppose Steve Bannon in Toronto
Toronto sent a clear message opposing white supremacist Steve Bannon
About 1500 people joined an angry and determined protest against Steve Bannon in Toronto on November 2nd Bannon, the alt-right...more
Indigenous sovereignty and socialism
From the Red River Rebellions, to the rise of Red Power, to Idle No More, new book rightly celebrates the evolution and constancy of Indigenous struggle.
Hats off to authors Valerie Lannon and Jesse McLaren for tackling the difficult task of producing a succinct overview of...more
Radical electoralism: COPE victory in Vancouver
COPE will continue the fight for a rent freeze, mansion tax, and an end to homelessness
Jean Swanson and COPE's victory in winning a seat on Vancouver city council shows that radical politics can win.
There is lots of good news from the Vancouver city election on October 20. First and foremost is that one...more
Socialist Hip Hop – Labour of Love review
The Socialist Vocalist raps against precarity and in support of solidarity
At the October 25th launch event in Toronto, I asked The Socialist Vocalist AKA Mohammad Ali what local underground talent...more
The People's Party is the people's mess
With official politics moving to the right, we need strong movements in the streets
A few months ago it would have sounded silly. Maxime Bernier and Andrew Scheer seemed like two peas in a...more
The truth about Bill 148 and people with disabilities
In August, the Ford government cut the planned social assistance increase in half. More sweeping changes are expected to be announced by November 8th.
On October 3rd 2018, Premier Ford spoke to provincial Parliament in defense of his decision to repeal Bill 148, the...more
Toronto election – more of the same
In an election marred by the manipulations of the Ford provincial government, cutting the number of wards almost in half,...more


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The Socialist Vocalist raps against precarity and in support of solidarity
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