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Support St. Christopher House workers on strike

Pam Johnson

May 31, 2012

St. Christopher house workers (CUPE 3393) are on strike after two years of negotiations. Workers are being asked to take a wage freeze for four years, major concessions on benefits and part-timers will see no improvement in their already precarious working situation.

St. Christopher House is marking one hundred years of providing services and began operation in 1912 as part of the settlement house movement. Settlement houses were started by communities to support new immigrants, unemployed and low wage workers and families. They deliver what one striker called “cradle to grave” services to Toronto’s downtown west end including: meals on wheels, literacy, programs for young families, programs for elders and support for women experiencing domestic violence and much more.

A majority of the workers are racialized women from immigrant communities who do emotionally and physically exhausting jobs and provide services to the most vulnerable community members. The employer’s offer devalues their work and threatens the qualities of the services they provide. They are on strike to demand respect for their jobs and services.

Show your support! Picket lines are up at 248 Ossington Ave at Dundas.

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