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Washington threatens reprisals against Nicaragua's voters

John Riddell

February 8, 2012

An interview with a member of the Sandanista National Liberal Front by John Riddell

For more than a decade, Latin America has been gripped by popular movements. From Argentina to Bolivia, Ecuador to Venezuela, Chile to Nicaragua, people have challenged neoliberalism and US hegemony. These movements have continued despite attempts to stifle them—from a coup in Honduras, continual threats against Venezuela, and escalating arming of Colombia—both from imperial forces and the local ruling class.

Part of the resistance has expressed itself in electing left governments—Lula Morales, Chavez, Ortega—that have varied in the alternatives they provide and in their connection to movements. As international solidarity activists defend these countries from our own governments, their study also raises questions and debates about the relationship of social movements to the state, and of reform and revolution.

Bolivia solidarity activist and longtime socialist John Riddell recently interviewed a member of Sandanista National Liberation Front (FSLN) about developments in Nicaragua that have provoked the most recent US hostility in the region. The interview touches on reforms in employment and literacy, a major challenge regarding abortion rights, and ongoing questions about how to win a better world for the 99%.

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