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Don't Attack Iran

Deka Omar

February 27, 2012

On February 23 a rally was organized to protest the looming war with Iran and the possibility of Canadian participation. More than 60 protesters gathered at the Human Rights Monument in the City of Ottawa and marched toward the Chateau Laurier where The Conference on defence and security was taking place.

Key elements of the global military-industrial complex such as the Harper government and military commanders from Canada, the UK and the US converged on Ottawa for their annual general meeting. The anti-war rally organized under the slogan of “Peace and Prosperity not War and Austerity” was an occasion for Canadians to fight back against the Harper government’s attempt to militarize Canada at the detriment of more pressing social and environmental issues.

The March took the protesters to the doorsteps of the conference at Chateau Laurier for a mass die-in. Although this was the first Don’t Attack Iran rally of the year, the protesters promised that they will continue their fight against the war machine in order to prevent a repetition of the Iraq debacle and the possible destabilisation of the entire region.

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