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Keuhne+Nagle warehouse workers strike and win in Mississauga!

Ritch Whyman

December 12, 2022
140 Unifor Local 1285 members went out on strike against global logistics giant Keuhne+Nagle in early December, at the company’s warehouse on Hogan Avenue in North-West Mississauga. 
Workers were fighting to stop the erosion of their wages through inflation and were demanding, like so many other strikes lately, wage increases to keep pace with the cost of living.
The new tentative agreement means an immediate 12% increase for the lowest waged workers, a $1,100 signing bonus, improved benefits, increased sick days and overtime wage increases among other gains.
Workers ensured vital medical supplies and equipment were warehoused for companies like Accu-chek, Ensure and Steri-strip throughout the pandemic. The company by the end of 2021 had revenues of over $47 billion and profits in their North American operations rose more than 50%.
Picket lines remained strong despite attempts by the company to bring in scabs and trucks. The workers turned back the trucks and stopped goods from leaving.  They were joined UNIFOR members from other workplaces and locals in the GTA who supported the picket lines.
As is too often the case these days the employer reaped huge profits throughout COVID but refused to raise wages or improve conditions for workers who created those profits.
This victory is important not just for the workers on the line, but to ensure that other workers keep feeling confident to challenge employers who refuse to keep wages up with inflation. Each picket line victory builds the confidence of workers to fight back.
It’s right to strike!




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