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Striking safety inspectors picket CNE opening

Strike for safety!
Pam Johnson

August 19, 2022

Safety inspectors who work for the Technical Standards & Safety Authority (TSSA) in Ontario have been on strike for 18 days. Today they set up picket lines at the opening of the CNE.

Their job uis to inspect the amusement rides and food trucks at the CNE. One striker explained, "Supervisors are doing our jobs this year. There would normally be 11 people inspecting both before the opening and then walking through the grounds each day. But, there are only 3 supervisors, so they are skipping the daily walk throughs. This is not safe.”

The safety inspectors decided to unionize after workers’ concerns for the level of safety that they were able to provide was compromised by management decisions and their on-the-job safety was also compromised. They are also demanding better working conditions and benefits.

The TSSA walked away from the bargaining table on date and have refused to return.


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