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You can’t make this shit up – the COVID file

John Bell

April 13, 2022
The Manitoba government had scheduled an announcement of more funding for Long Term Care following a damning inquiry into LTC home COVID outbreaks in 2020. Premier Heather Stefanson et al had decided to hold their press conference in front of a Winnipeg care home, but moved it to the legislature at the last minute. The reason? There is a fresh COVID outbreak raging at the LTC facility they chose.
Swiss-based economy airline EasyJet was one of the first carriers to drop all mask requirements, on March 27. Ten days later EasyJet had to cancel about 100 flights because of illness among its flight crews. The same pattern was seen in other European airlines that scrapped masking, like British Air. Who could see that coming? Has the industry learned its lesson? Even after EasyJet’s cancelations airline CEOs in the US were hitting the airwaves lobbying for the federal government to drop all COVID requirements for US carriers. What could go wrong?
BC’s CMOH Bonnie Henry received a standing ovation from a sold out crowd at Vancouver’s Women’s Hospital. She was giving a keynote address at a fundraiser for women’s health, research and science, held in a windowless conference room. Dr. Henry was unmasked, as was most of the audience. Nothing says respect for research and science like holding a superspreader event just as the 6th wave is taking off. Recall that Dr. Henry recently lifted most of the province’s pandemic public health requirements and advised people to exercise “self-management” of COVID.  We suspect there will be a lot of self-management going on 4 or 5 days later.

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