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Ukraine and Imperialism reading list

April 23, 2022
Ukraine and Imperialism reading list. 

Current Ukraine war
More Nato guns and tanks means less independent Ukraine
Sam Ord | Socialist Worker UK | April 25, 2022
No War in Ukraine! Canada out of Eastern Europe
International Socialists Canada | February 2022
No war on Ukraine: Ukrainians must decide their fate
Clare Lemlich | Marx21 US | February 2022
Five reasons why we oppose the war in Ukraine
Socialist Workers Party UK | March 2022


Ukraine no fly zone would be a disastrous escalation of the conflict
Charlie Kimber | March 2022
We Still Need Anti-Imperialism
Christine Buchholtz | DieLinke | March 2022

Historical context

Ukraine — a history of war and repression
Isabel Ringrose and Yuri Prasad | February 2022
Ukraine—the shadow of 2014 on today’s war 
Rob Ferguson | March 2022
Ukraine: imperialism, war and the left
Rob Ferguson | October 2014
Problem of the Ukraine
Leon Trotsky | April 1939
Letter to the Workers and Peasants of the Ukraine
V. I. Lenin | December 1919

Imperialism and Stalinism

Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism
VI Lenin | 1916
Stalinism’s long shadow
Tomáš Tengely-Evans | January 2022
Analysing Imperialism
Chris Harman | Summer 2003

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