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Covid, climate and capitalist crisis


zoom Toronto , ON
Ontario CA
Covid, climate and capitalist crisis
public forum 
sunday, january 16  
1 pm est | 10 am pst

Martin Empson - Manchester, UK based socialist and author of Land and Labour,  System Change - Not Climate Change and many others. 
Michelle Robidoux - Toronto based socialist and co-author of Fighting back on Turtle Island: Indigenous sovereignty, the working class and anti-capitalism
Moderated by Rohit Revi - PhD student at Queen’s University, anti-racist activist, and member of the International Socialists.
From Covid to environmental destruction to growing inequality, capitalism has created accelerating crises that wreak havoc on working people and the planet. 

The relentless drive for profit sharpens the exploitation of the majority of workers and imperils the future of the natural world. Covid spread is directly linked to a system that prioritizes the profits of pharmaceutical corporations over equal access to vaccines. Official government plans to halt climate change are woefully inadequate to the scale of the task because the capitalist politicians will not interfere with the profits of fossil fuel corporations. All the while, the rich continue to get richer as they squeeze workers.

But people are fighting back. From the strike wave in North America to the Indigenous fight for sovereignty to the global marches against climate chaos, there is a mass sentiment that calls for revolutionary change. 

Join us for this public forum to discuss the contours of the current crises and what we can do to build a movement that can challenge the system at its roots. 
Zoom link:
Meeting ID: 815 3530 7826
Passcode: 122212
Sunday, January 16, 2022 - 01:00
Organized by: 
International Socialists

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