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Steelworkers solidarity picket for NRI workers shuts down Tomlinson Systems in Ancaster

Ritch Whyman

July 15, 2021
Dozens of Steelworkers from locals in Toronto and Hamilton chanting “one day longer one day stronger” set up a solidarity picket at Tomlinson Systems in Ancaster this morning. Trucks were stopped entering and leaving, despite the pleading of the owner, Terry Tomlinson, who has locked out workers at a plant in Toronto. 
The picket was called to support members of Steelworkers Local 3905 who are locked-out National Rubber Technologies for refusing to accept the employers demand for 63 concessions. Strikers are fighting back demanding the concessions be withdrawn and they be recognized for work throughout the pandemic.
Solidarity messages from USWA local 1005, 8300 and the Hamilton Steelworkers Area Council were brought to the picket line. Members of 1005 noted that today marked the 75th anniversary of the mass 1946 strike that beat Stelco, and that workers would have to keep standing up and fighting back if we want stop concessions and greedy bosses.
Hamilton steelworkers pledged to be back if the employer refuses to bargain fairly.
There will also be a solidarity picket with USW 3905 members happening next Monday, July 19 at 12 pm at the plant at 35 Cawthra Ave, Toronto.
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