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Support Workers United Local 1305 at Owens Corning in Guelph

Ritch Whyman

November 29, 2020

Workers at Owens Corning have been pushed into a strike by the profitable multinational Owens Corning at its Guelph Filament plant.

Workers had been without a contract since the early summer and were pushing back against demands for more concessions, after giving up concessions in two previous rounds of bargaining. The employer is using COVID to demand further concessions. Wages have been driven so low for new hires the employer cannot get people to work there. Instead of agreeing to phase out the lower tier for new hires, the employer wants to further it.

Despite reporting higher profits and earnings that last year the company slowed its production lines down to qualify for Trudeau corporate welfare handouts, under the wage subsidy program. Instead of helping workers this is just another example of the Liberals' corporate subsidies being used to attack workers.

After several rounds of bargaining workers announced they’d be doing a half day walk out to put pressure on the employer to bargain fairly. When employees walked out they were met with a bus of scabs organised by the employer to replace them.

Outraged at their employers use of scabs led to the walkout becoming a full strike.

Courts have issued an injunction limiting pickets to holding up vehicles and trucks for only 10 minutes. This injunction on the side of the bosses is allowing the company to bring in scabs on a daily basis.

Disgustingly the employer is using the cost savings from Trudeau to hire scabs and 24 hr security. In essence the government funded the employer who is now using that money to try and force workers into concessions.

The picket line is up at 247 York Road, Guelph, ON

Messages of support can be sent to

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