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Sports Report: An impeach of a World Series

Bobby Blowdry

October 28, 2019

The World Series contest between the Houston Astros and Washington Nationals, that virtually no one anywhere outside those cities cares about, finally made the news when President Donald Trump came to visit.

Avoiding the embarrassment of trying to throw the first pitch, Trump slipped into his skybox suite midgame, accompanied by the FLOTUS and selected members of branches of the military in full regalia.

When Trump’s image was shown on the jumbotron the crowd immediately switched gears from cheers to boos, chanting “Lock Him Up”. Trump waved and kept a rictus smile on his face for the duration of his photo-op, but looked anything but pleased once he thought the cameras were off. 

Keep in mind that this was the same day he announced the killing of a leader of ISIS in predictably bizarre fashion. To hear him tell it, the killing was mostly the work of a “K9, what I call a dog.” Not just any dog; a “beautiful” and “talented” dog.

While the reaction of one stadium full of people isn’t a scientific sample, it looks like Trump is in big trouble on the impeachment front. Evidence is piling sky-high that Trump attempted to extort foreign leaders to share dirt on his domestic political enemies.

Nixon had it rough with Watergate, but at least he didn’t have to worry about his personal attorney butt-dialing reporters and spilling the beans. That’s what Rudy Giuliani managed. 

The final score hasn’t been determined. Oh, the baseball game? The Astros beat the Nats 7 to 1.



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