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Justice for Grassy Narrows

Stephen Ellis

March 27, 2019

This afternoon, around forty activists rallied in solidarity with the people of Grassy Narrows outside the King Edward Hotel where Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was having a Liberal Party fundraiser.

Allies shouted “Justice for Grassy Narrows” as people entered the fundraiser.

In November 2017, the Trudeau Liberals committed to building and operating a Mercury Survivors Home and Care Centre in Grassy Narrows. Five hundred days later, only 1% of the funding has been provided.

Right now, over 94% of Grassy Narrow people have received no compensation for the damage that mercury poisoning has done to their health, culture and livelihood.

The fate of Grassy Narrows is another example of the hollow promise of “reconciliation” as marketed by the Trudeau Liberals.

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