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Turkey: No to the coup! Fight for democracy!

Revolutionary Socialist Workers Party (DSİP), Turkey

July 16, 2016

We have been living through an attempted coup for the past few hours. A group within the army have been attempting to take power. Air Force jets have been flying low over Ankara. The Turkish Radio Television building has been bombed. There are still sounds of bombs exploding.

Those attempting to take power have made an announcement on TV, claiming to represent the armed forces. It seems clear, however, that they are a particular group within military.

We are against all attempts at a military takeover.

Those involved must be held to account.

Thousands of people have taken to the streets against the attempted coup. We stand together with the thousands who are resisting the troops.

While fighting against the coup, we must, at the same time, fight the conditions which have given the military the grounds for this attempt: the anti-democratic conditions, the conditions of war.

The fight against the coup must be a fight for democracy, it must continue and be turned into a fight against the restrictions on democracy.

Those who want to set up a military junta cannot win!

The people will win!


This is shared from the Revolutionary Socialist Workers Party, Turkey


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