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Migrant Workers rally in Toronto and across Canada

Gustavo Carlos

June 10, 2016

On May 30, Migrant Workers Alliance for Change organized a rally in downtown Toronto as part of the Status Now week of action, which had other rallies happening across Canada.

This demonstration was called by migrant advocates as a move to push the federal government towards a more transparent and opened debate about the Temporary Foreign Worker Program which is being reviewed by a parliamentary committee, and lawmakers are leaving workers aside from this debate. Many people, including migrant workers, union representatives, community leaders, caregivers and more attended the event—bringing awareness about a lot of issues non-permanent workers face while working in Canada.

Migrant workers are unable to change their jobs, they face restrictive policies and end up being separated from their families and struggle to make their voices heard while fighting for their rights.

Chants such as “What do we want? – Permanent Status!” and “When do we want it? – Now!” were called by organizers and carried on by supporters during the rally, which was held at a main intersection in the city and close to the office of Chrystia Freeland, Minister of International Trade, where a petition signed by 2000 people was delivered.

As per Migrant Workers Alliance for Change acknowledges, migrant workers are organized to fight for:

“Mobility: Migrant workers should not be forced to work for a single employer.
Voice: Migrant workers should get a say. It’s time to undo the harm done by the previous government.
Equality: Let’s build a robust permanent immigration system where migrant workers gets equal treatment.”

We cannot accept that Trudeau’s government nor the private sector continue to take advantage of migrant workers who come to Canada pursuing a better life for them and their families, and when arriving in the country are subjected to poor working conditions, low payment, excessive hours and uncertainty about their status and situation in Canada. Workers in Canada must unite against the exploitation of its class and support the fight for decent work for everyone.

Sign the petition to support migrant workers at

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