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Canada Post is about to impair disabled people

Melissa Graham

October 17, 2014

Canada Post is about to begin phasing out door-to-door services across the country. Although many Canadians do not currently receive this service, all of us care about the privacy of our mail, including disabled people.
Canada Post has suggested that disabled people who currently have door to door mail service provide Canada Post with a doctor’s note and medical history, hand their keys over to a third party, or work with Canada Post to have one of the lower mailbox that they can reach.
Not only do these suggestions continue to reinforce stereotypes about the medicalization of disabled people; it also infringes on our privacy and mobility rights. No one, disabled or otherwise, should have to hand over the keys to their mailbox to a third party in order to access it, and we should all be able to access our mail regardless of our address. What happens if we move into an area where the accessible community mailbox is already in use? What if handing our keys over to a friend or company is not a safe or affordable option? These are not long-term solutions; they are patronizing statements.
About 14 per cent of Canadians have a disability, and that number is only going to grow. No one’s privacy or mobility should ever be sacrificed for a company’s bottom line, and yet that is exactly what Canada Post is forcing on disabled people, unless we stop them.
Support postal workers. Save door-to-door postal service. Support the rights of disabled people.

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