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Israel escalates 'revenge attacks' against Palestinians

Hanan Jibril

July 6, 2014

Israel has escalated its violence against Palestinians. A series of deadly attacks have hit the city of Gaza, West Bank and Jerusalem, justified as "revenge attacks" following the death of three teenage Israeli boys.
There is no proof yet who is responsible for the death of the teenagers, but Israel's reaction has been to increase the collective punishment against Palestinians, especially children. Israeli settlers brutally tortured, beat and burned to death a 16-year old Palestinians, Mohammed Abu Khder, in East Jerusalem. According to the Electronic Intifada, Palestinian Authority Attorney General Mumad Abdul Ghani al-Aweiwi told the official Palestinian news agency Wafa that the preliminary autopsy report states that the remnants of a burned substance (soot) were present in Muhammad’s respiratory passages and lungs, indicating he had inhaled the substance while being burned alive.
Last Thursday Israeli settlers tried to kidnap a seven-year-old child in the Jerusalem neighbourhood of Beit Hanina while he was with his mother; the boy managed to escape. According to reports, more than 200 Israeli extremists rampaged through Jerusalem, dragging people out of cars and chanting "Death to Arabs.” There have been a series of protests by Palestinians in Shuafat, and Israel has responded by firing rubber bullets at crowds and journalists.
Masked Israeli police also brutally beat Tariq Abukhdeir, the 15-year old Palestinian American coursin of the murdered teenager. He was visiting from Tampa, Florida and is schedule to go back July 16. His court hearing is on July 6. As caught on video, he was arrested and assaulted without charge and denied medical treatment hours before finally being hospitalized. In addition to attacks on chindren and teenagers, Israel is using the opportunity to launch airstrikes on Gaza. Some are wondering about a Third Palestinian Intifada (uprising), and the West is appealing for "restraint" while continuing to arm and support Israel.
Israel's bombing of civilians and beating of children is not about securing justice or peace, but furthering the collective punishment of Palestinians. We need solidarity with Palestine, and strong opposition to Israel's attaks.

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