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Ukraine: no to intervention

Parry Mudhar

May 22, 2014

The situation in Ukraine is getting more complicated as opposed imperialist powers on each side of the eastern European nation grow more enticed to pursue a full scale occupation. Recently, the Harper government announced that Canadian soldiers would work with NATO in a series of exercises in the western bordering nation of Poland.
The Canadian government has also announced more permanent measures with their apparent boasts of strength as they attempt to match Russian forces. The warship HMCS Regina has recently been sent from the Arabian Sea to join NATO forces, as well as six CF-18 fighter jets sent to the southern bordering nation of Romania. As of now, with the Conservatives help, NATO forces have taken position in much of the western and southern borders of Ukraine.
Stephen Harper has recently stated, “The Putin regime’s persistent military aggression and its ongoing illegal occupation of Crimea and other parts of Ukraine threaten the stability and security of central and eastern Europe.” This is true, it is hypocritical coming from the Canadian government built on occupying indigenous land. The solution to Russian imperialism is not NATO imperialism; increasing inter-imperial rivalry simply builds up the intensity of the crisis.
There is little belief that NATO or the Harper government has the security and well being of the Ukrainian people in mind. The only way to ensure democracy in Ukraine is to ensure people's right to self determination, by opposing all imperial threats to the region.   
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