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2013: a year of resistance

January 4, 2014

The year 2013 was marked by resistance around the world. was re-launched in January 2013 to be part of this resistance, and here is a summary of the year based on the most read articles. has supported Idle No More, which emerged to lead resistance to the Harper agenda—opposing the increasingly disastrous tar sands, shining a light on residential school torture and starvation, and supporting justice for residential school survivors and missing and murdered aboriginal women. has opposed the increasing propaganda about imperialism in the lead up to the WWI centenary, highlighted Canada’s record of “humanitarian intervention” in Somalia, and opposed the new resource war in Mali. has covered resistance movements elsewhere, through their own voices—a statement from Revolutionary Socialists in Egypt, an interview with an activist in Saudi Arabia, an eyewitness account from protests in Turkey, and support for anti-fascists in Greece. has opposed oppression in every form—remembering the victories of the anti-colonial Red Power movement, denouncing the rape culture that was glorified in the song Blurred Lines and that led to Rehtaeh Parsons death, opposing the racist attack on migrant workers in the wake of the RBC scandal and the police killing of Sammy Yatim, building unity between striking elevator workers and people with disabilities, and supporting Mad Pride. has generalized the new working class resistance from fast food workers in the US to Baristas in Nova Scotia, and connected online articles to campaigns against union busting at Richtree and in support of striking Porter airline workers. has been part of debates over the NDP’s BC election loss, the scandal of Rob Ford, strategies for building a fighting student movement, and Marxist theory—including radical ecology, LGBT oppression, religion, the police, and the revolutionary potential of the working class.
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